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about me

Fran Morgan, copywriter

So this is me (now you'll recognise me if we've never met); a couple of years younger but hey, I'm allowed, this is my website after all.

My background? Studied product design at Sheffield Polytechnic. Spent 19 years in the design industry working for the likes of Pentagram, Design House, Fitch and Design Bridge (my last employer – there for 9 years). Worked as a design manager rather than a designer and headed up the new business team at Design Bridge, working on pitches and PR. Started my own copywriting company in 2004. Took time out from the day job to support SparkFish, a local Christian schoolswork charity, and subsequently became Co-Chair of a parent carer forum (Family Voice Surrey). Started Square Peg as a social enterprise which then became a CIC (Community Interest Company) and published a book (Square Pegs) to promote compassion and inclusivity in schools. Now copywriting as shoutaboutit again.

My skills? Good at seeing the big picture, understanding brands in their market context and being able to identify how copy can help to solve a problem or achieve a goal. I often talk about throwing everything into a proverbial pot, stirring it around and then creating copy that is based on a structured and logical rationale. Completed a digital marketing diploma in March 2018.


Oh yes, and because of my background in the design industry I am a firm believer in the power of words and images working together.   

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