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I work for – and with – lots of wonderful, creative people who have complementary skills to my own. Here are a few of them! 

Panvista Productions logo

Ian is a wonderful film-maker and we have worked together many times. He thinks very strategically and always asks "Why?"!

OPX logo

OPX is a branding and website agency with a wealth of experience in strategy and identity work for services   (making the intangible tangible). 

Headspace logo

Siobhan is a good friend – we used to work together at Design Bridge. She is also a copywriter and we often collaborate or refer clients to each other.

Adam Mitchell logo

Adam is a very talented animator and I have worked with him on several projects for Family Voice. He often has a different perspective on things (not to mention a good dose of dry humour which is always invaluable!)

Path logo

Path is an award-winning branding agency (with its own artwork and print companies) and a focus on consumer products. One of the directors is also my husband so I am slightly biased...

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